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Glencoe, The World and its People Middle School Geography

(1) Chapter 14, Section 3

10 concepts, including:
czar, serfs, ethnic group, glasnost, cold war, 80%, cities and towns, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the Russian Empire, writers

(2) Chapter 14, Section 2

11 concepts, including:
Kiev, czars, serfs, industrialize, communist, Germany, iron curtain, Cold War, perostroika, free enterprise, glasnost

(3) Chapter 14, Section 1

13 concepts, including:
Russia, Eurasian, Ural Mountains, Moscow, steppe, Siberia, tundra, permafrost, Taiga, Black Sea, Lake Baikal, Volga, 14

(4) Chapter 13 Section 4

7 concepts, including:
Ukraine, steppe, Dnieper, Crimean, potash, Minsk, Chisinau

(5) Chapter 13 Section 3

14 concepts, including:
Balkan, Romania, consumer goods, Bucharest, Romans, Sofia, ethnic cleansing, Zagreb, Sarajevo, mosques, Belgrade, Kosovo, Skopje, Tirana

(6) Chapter 13 Section 2

8 concepts, including:
landlocked, Danube River, nomads, Budapest, spas, Prague, privatize, Bratislava

(7) Chapter 13 Section 1

9 concepts, including:
communism, bogs, Carpathian Mountains, communist, Gdansk, acid rain, Warsaw, pope, Baltic Sea

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