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Geography revision sets for OBHS GCSE students. Created by Miss Jones but feel free to add your own sets too.

(1) IGCSE CIE Geography: 3.3 – Industry (Case Study) – Toyota: Burnaston Manufacturing Plant

26 concepts, including:
Location, Opened, Employment, Transport, Labour, Universities, Market, European Union, Reliable Electricity, Good Communications, Schools and Hospitals, Recreation, Flat Land, Room for Expansion, Greenfield Site, Pleasant Environment

(2) EDEXCEL GCSE Geography – Unit 1 Case Studies

94 concepts, including:
Crop yields have become massively variable, Climate change, Longer droughts and a shorter growing season, Tanzania, One third, Tanzania, People are starving to death, Tanzania, Every 3 years, Due to climate change, Kenya, Droughts have become more frequent, now every 3 years as oppose to every 10

(3) The Butler Model (Black pool)

11 concepts, including:
What year did the exploration stage start?, In the exploration stage, who built the first guest house in 1735?, In the exploration stage what was the main reason tourists visited Black pool., In the exploration stage what kind of people visited?

(4) Eden Project Case Study

12 concepts, including:
Opened, Humid Tropics Biome, Cornwall wages, House prices increased, Shops, Construction began in, Funding, Attracted, Tourists vising Eden, 80% of businesses said, Created over 500 jobs, Unemployment down

(5) settlement growth – Cairo

11 concepts, including:
what is Cairo’s industrial area called?, why do some people have a vitamin D deficiency?, how much waste is produced a day?, how much waste is collected from the streets?, how much of Egypt’s population lives in Cairo?

(6) River Nene, Northampton

20 concepts, including:
Where did the River Nene frequently flood?, When did the River Nene overflow, killing two people?, How much had been spent by 2002 to protect areas of Northampton?, In what two years after 2002 were further flood defence works carried out?

(7) Singapore’s population change

10 concepts, including:
When did they introduce the ‘3 or more’ policy?, When did the government realise?, Why did they want to increase the birth rate?, Couples with only one or no children were restricted to buying what living abode?

(8) The growth of the secondary sector in China (Geography Edexcel A Unit 3: Human environment, 1. Economic change)

11 concepts, including:
Name 2 physical factors, Say 3 things about China’s workforce, State 2 changes in government policy, Give 3 changes in Chinese education, What percentage of manufacturing is now privately-owned?, What energy provision has been created in China?

(9) Gcse Geography Edexcel A

11 concepts, including:
Swash, Backwash, Constructive waves, Destructive waves, Fetch, What affects the size and energy of a wave, What’s are the types of erosion, Hydraulic action, Abrasion/Corrasion, Corrosion/Solution, Attrition

(10) Edexcel A-Geography Unit 3 – Energy

24 concepts, including:
Fossil Fuels, Non-Renewable Source, Renewable Source, Sustainable Source, Primary Energy, Secondary Energy, Energy Density, Oil Reserves, Energy Demand, Energy Consumption, Energy Security, Energy Security Index, Energy Pathways

(11) Haiti earthquake

14 concepts, including:
When did the earthquake occur?, Why did the earthquake occur?, What was the magnitude of the earthquake?, What was the depth of the focus?, What was the capital city?, How many people were injured?, How many people were killed?

(12) Population control, China.

13 concepts, including:
How did the government reduce the countries birth rate?, What is the one-child policy?, What were the benefits for people who followed the one-child policy?, What happened to those who didn’t follow the one-child policy rule?

(13) Tourism Impacts

15 concepts, including:
Where is Zanzibar?, What issues do tourists create in Zanzibar?, Where are the Maldives?, Impacts of tourism in the Maldives, Multiplier effect, How much money does Zanzibar get from tourism?, How has tourism impacted the environment of Zanzibar?

(14) River Landscapes: Key words

28 concepts, including:
Percolation, Drainage basin, Catchment area, Watershed, Source, Mouth, Confluence, Tributary, Discharge, Hydraulic action, Abrasion, Attrition, Solution, Suspension, Saltation, Traction, Deposition, Permeable, Impermeable, Interlocking spurs

(15) Coastal Landscapes: Key terms

21 concepts, including:
Destructive wave, Constructive wave, Fetch, Longshore drift, Concordant coastline, Discordant coastline, Hard engineering, Soft engineering, Cliff, Wave-cut platform, Wave-cut notch, Headland, Bay, Cave, Arch, Stack, Stump, Beach, Spit, Tombolo

(16) Tectonics: Key terms

28 concepts, including:
Inner core, Outer core, Mantle, Crust, Continental crust, Oceanic crust., Convection currents, Plate boundary, Divergent, Convergent, Conservative, Focus, Epicentre, Seismic waves, Magma chamber, Main vent, Secondary vents, Crater, Active

(17) River Processes and Landforms

32 concepts, including:
The pressure of water and the compression of air in cracks which weakens the banks and gradually wears it away., Corrasion, Rocks smash together and break into smaller, smoother and rounder particles, Solution

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